About the Cradle

Founded in 1923, The Cradle is one of the foremost adoption agencies in the country. Operating remotely and on-site in Evanston, Illinois, The Cradle team provides lifelong support for all those who are touched by adoption - from expectant parents to adopted persons, adoptive parents to infants under our care in the 24/7 Cradle Nursery. The Cradle envisions a world where every child thrives in a safe and loving family. Your support will help The Cradle provide what our families need now – comfort, support, reunion and connection.

We encourage you explore The Cradle website to learn more about our programs sustained this year through careful health and safety protocols. We are currently using Telehealth counseling technology and our staff continue to work remotely if they are able.  Thanks to the support of generous donors, The Cradle has remained open throughout the pandemic continuing to support all who are touched by adoption.  

The Cradle's Key Service Areas

The 24/7 Cradle Nursery

The Cradle is the only adoption agency in the country with an on-site nursery, operating 24/7 to provide a nurturing environment for infants with temporarily uncertain futures.

Post Adoption Services & The Center for Lifelong Adoption Support

These programs includes counseling, search and support for adopted persons and their loved ones.

Expectant Parent Services

Our 24/7 helpline is available via phone, text or email for individuals and couples facing unexpected pregnancy. For expectant parents exploring adoption as an option, The Cradle works to support prenatal health coverage and supports all parties through the placement process.

 Adoptive Parent Services

The Cradle is proud to have made 42 placements this year, alone, and to have helped more than 16,000 Cradle babies find their forever families since our founding 97 years ago. The Cradle’s emphasis on cultural considerations surrounding transracial and African-American adoption is supported by the Ardythe and Gale Sayers for African-American Adoption.

Education and Outreach

The Cradle’s community outreach and education team work to destigmatize and create more awareness about adoption. We also are able to provide CEUs for medical and human resource professionals around considerations for patients and employees touched by adoption. ALP (Adoptive Learning Partners) is The Cradle’s online platform for parenting classes for prospective and current parents, as well as foster parents. Through the Our Children initiative, we introduced an impactful webinar series to confront the racial injustices faced by so many families and individuals.


Our Cradle community is a network of all kinds of individuals and families.

We recognize that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are at the center of what we do; not in addition to what we do.

Meet Real Cradle Families

You make this possible.

Thank you for standing together with us to help ensure we can keep moving forward together, as a community of families based around the love that stems from adoption.

The Cradle Foundation was created in 2003 to raise and manage funds in support of The Cradle’s outstanding adoption and child welfare programs and services. Gifts made through The Cradle Foundation directly support The Cradle. The Cradle Foundation’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 45-0506764.

Contact Us

You may contact The Cradle Foundation team with any issues or questions you may have at cradlefoundation@cradle.org.

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