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Lifelong Adoption Support

Through the Center for Lifelong Adoption Support and Post Adoption Services, The Cradle team provides accessible therapeutic counseling for people touched by adoption and their loved ones.

Adopted persons are supported through their family research, as they discover more about their origins. In the coming year, we look forward to providing supportive spaces for adoptees to connect and share the experiences that have shaped their identities.


Randy Sieg, a 1956 Cradle alumnus, found his birth family with the help of The Cradle's Post Adoption Support services.

In the 1940s and 1950s, The Cradle became a national booster for adoption by reaching out to the entertainment community in Hollywood. Randy's adoptive parents, Richard and Clela, lived in Beverly Hills and wrote to The Cradle after attending a local benefit. In 1954, Randy's sister Christina was placed with the Siegs. In 1956, Randy joined the family.

"I remember my dad's library was all books about raising children," says Randy. "They really took it seriously."

Randy's parents shared his adoption with him when he was five years old. As he got older, he wondered what his biological family was like--but he feared pursuing a search would dishonor his parents. "I couldn't have had a more wonderful mother and father growing up," says Randy.

After his parents' passings, Randy began his own search, but unfortunately didn't get very far. Luckily, two years ago his partner, Renee, nudged him to contact The Cradle. Cradle Director of Post Adoption Support, Nina Friedman, told him his was one of the most difficult searches she had ever worked on.

And then it happened. A newspaper article led to the discovery of a half-sister and five half-brothers...all living 45 minutes away. Randy's birthmom, Joanne, has recently passed, but Randy got to learn all about her from his newly found family. Very quickly they bonded, and Randy's world became one of many siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins. "They are very warm, compassionate people," says Randy, "and it has been so wonderful."


Many adopted people search for answers about themselves and where they came from. The desire or need for birth family background information is understandable. While it’s true not every adopted person feels the need to seek out information, and when and if that happens in a person’s life varies, taking the step to move forward could mean answers regarding heritage, health, or self-discovery.

“I have supported countless adopted people in their decision to move forward to request information, and through the process of learning about birth family members" says Nina M. Friedman, LCSW, Director of Post Adoption Support.

"Those who receive background information often find answers to curiosities or questions they may have wondered about."

Beginning in November for National Adoption Month, The Cradle is pleased to provide our Non-Identifying Background Report at a reduced price of $100 through December 31st, 2020.

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Your support this year will help make sure The Cradle can continue to offer Post Adoption Services to adopted persons like Randy, helping other happy reunions take place, and uncovering other long-desired stories of origin. Your generosity will also help sustain programs and services for birthmoms like Joanne, including supportive counseling for pregnant women and 24/7 nurturing and expert care for babies in The Cradle Nursery. 

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