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Reaching Out

Our Children: An Education and Empowerment Series

When Cradle Sayers Center families desired space for challenging conversations about race, we launched the Our Children Education and Empowerment Series  of community roundtables to confront the challenges faced by Black children in today’s America.

Our Children continues in 2020 as a series of live webinars, helping often interracial families learn how best to parent their Black children and guide them through situations of interpersonal and structural bias. This series addresses topics that are important both to adoptive families and to the community at large. This series of webinars aims at educating families about the realities and injustices their Black children may experience in societal interactions, and is the continuation of an initiative originally launched in 2016 with strong community support. 

Topics covered so far include Raising Black Boys Revisited 2020, From Black Boys to Black Men (And the Fear That Brings), Can You Hear Me Now? Black Adults Speak, and Raising Black Girls 2020.

"The Our Children webinars gave me valuable insight, education and sensitivity to the complex issues of our shared experiences," says Phyllis Scholl Thomas, Cradle Board Member.


The Sayers Center

Recognizing the need to give expectant women of color a greater choice of adoptive families, in 1999 The Cradle launched The Ardythe and Gale Sayers Center for African American Adoption with a focus on adoptive parent recruitment in the African American community.

The Sayers Center, named after NFL Hall of Famer and Cradle adoptive dad, Gale Sayers, and his wife, Ardythe, is part of The Cradle’s domestic adoption program and is one of the only programs in the country that promotes adoption awareness specifically within the African American community.

The Sayers Center also provides cultural understanding and connectivity to transracial families who have adopted African American and Biracial children, in addition to transracial families who have adopted Black children internationally.

The goal of the Sayers Center Program is to educate the African American community about the process of adoption and to provide ongoing support and opportunities for connections to all families who have adopted African American and Biracial children.


Your support this year will help make sure The Cradle can continue to create spaces for us to listen to and learn from one another.  

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