The Loves' Adoption Journey

Mary Joyce and Martha Love share the story behind their support of The Cradle community.

“On December 20, 1965, The Cradle made our dream of being parents come true when we met our new baby.
We fell in love with Martha Marie—56 years of priceless joy cannot be bought. It does inspire us to express, financially, our deep gratitude so that The Cradle may create more loving families for years to come.”

Mary Joyce Love

“My parents made me feel very special by sharing my Cradle story openly and generously from the very beginning. We made several family trips to The Cradle so I would know the kind of loving environment I began my life in. My parents and my husband and I have given annually to The Cradle over the years. When my dad died last year, my mom and I decided we wanted to share our story and donate a larger amount in his memory. We are so very grateful to The Cradle family for bringing us all together.”

Martha Love 

If you plan to donate to The Cradle before the end of the year, you can now double the impact of your gift! In memory of Rev. D. Goodloe Love, Mary Joyce and Martha Love will match all contributions to The Cradle by December 31, 2021 - dollar for dollar up to $35,000!

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